Auto Windshield Installation

Look for a quality installation. Take the right steps.

Poor quality glass, improper adhesive selection, or a hurried replacement process can cause problems, such as: air whistles, water leaks, rust, distorted vision, heating or cooling discomfort, or loss of vehicle safety features. To help avoid these problems, we recommend that you use only certified professionals with the proper credentials to do repairs/installation jobs. A properly installed windshield replacement involves a multi-step process and use of sophisticated adhesive systems. The installation usually takes between 60 – 90 minutes and involves multiple steps. After the installation, additional time may be required for the adhesive to cure before you can safely drive your vehicle.

20 Steps to Proper Windshield Installation

Before Work Begins

    1. Inspect vehicle for any pre-existing damage
    2. Protect all vulnerable areas of the vehicle

Parts and Glass Removal

    1. Remove moldings, wipers, cowl, and trim from windshield
    2. Cut broken windshield from the pinchweld and remove

Pinchweld Preparation and Fitting

    1. Trim existing urethane bead to 1/16″ thickness: Full Cut Technique
    2. Clean out debris
    3. Dryset windshield in opening to assure fit

Primer and Urethane Application

    1. Based on temperature, humidity, air bag, and time the vehicle can remain out of service, select the proper adhesive(urethane)
    2. Apply pinchweld primer to pinchweld surface
    3. Clean inside of replacement windshield
    4. Apply glass prep to windshield perimeter
    5. Apply primer to windshield perimeter
    6. Apply urethane adhesive

Glass and Parts Replacement

    1. Set windshield in place, level and center the unit
    2. Reset the trim molding
    3. Reinstall wipers, cowl, and any other devices detached during the glass removal

After Installation

  1. Check windshield for leaks
  2. Inspect and clean vehicle
  3. Provide instructions to the car owner
  4. Keep vehicle out of service until safe drive away time has been obtained.Note: Be sure to ask your installer how long the adhesive will take to cure. Depending on weather conditions, temperature, humidity and the adhesive used, it can take between 30 minutes and 24 hours for the adhesive to cure to a safe vehicle drive away time.